Members Gallery

Gold Coast Woodturners Members Gallery are pages available to members to display there work.  The gallery pages are collections of work intended to inspire others and show the artistry and craftsmanship of the members.  Some pages from new members show how skills and design evolve.   Click on the members name to see there page. 


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Bob Bagley Diane Bogos-Klein
Bernie Bekkers Larry Benson
Lou Berson Stan Blumin
John Buso Glenn Carrigan
John Gill    
Don Hilston Joe Hinton
Warren Howie Bobby James
David Kerzel Gary Koenig
Edwin Manson Ed McDonnell
Mike Mills Lance Mirrer
Joe Montagnino Bill Mullaney
Alva Pixley Rick Pixley
Bob Przybylski Ron Pursel
Ray Reiland Jerry Remillard
Ken Rizza Rafael Santana
Lee Sky Carl M. Schneider
Sig Schwartz Gerhard Schwenke

Carl Splinnler Rodger Stegman
Bill Storke Sonny Varisco
George Wells Edwin Wujciak